1. It is most important that the missing person is found at the earliest because with every minute passing bye the person may be moving further and further away and at one stage may be totally out of our reach.

  2. It is very important that a detailed brain storming should be done on the reasons and causes of the missing person.

  3. The relatives and friends should be contacted by the Client and if required by us.

  4. A watch will be kept on the suspects and enemies of the missing person and his family.

  5. We will have to make hundreds of copies the photograph of the missing person and distribute it to our In-home search teams consisting of approximately 40 agents, 200 of our panel detectives and about 500 of our informers network agents.

  6. We recommend that the photograph & details of the missing persons be put on the websites which shares the information about missing persons.

  7. The Police works on their own informers network having many private informers under each Police station who are paid a small retainership amount with whom they interact. We will take advantage of the same by paying them some amount regularly, but offering a handsome incentives.

  8. On confirmation of assignment we depute our team to all Railway stations, Bus stands, Taxi / Auto stands and position them in all Toll tax plazas through which all vehicles passes through.

  9. We will check all lodges and hotels.

  10. We will also check Temples, Ashrams, other Religious places and Old Age Homes / Orphanages.

  11. We will look into Blind wells, Isolated and lonely places, Hospitals and mortuaries.

  12. We also look at footpaths, gardens and places where free food is offered.

  13. Exhibitions, Melas, Theaters, Site seeing places etc, will also be kept under watch.

  14. If required posters will be printed and pasted at public places.


  1. In the first phase of the search we put all efforts as narrated above for a period of 7-15 days and insure & pray that the missing person is found in this phase which is most important. 75% of our investments and efforts go into this phase.

  2. In case the missing person is still not found, the operations are slowly scaled down to 25% for a period of next 30 days.

  3. Hereafter, the actions, operations and hopes are still alive in a limbo stage until the outcome of the missing case and until the person is traced.

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Latest News of Missing
  • Name:Nadini
    Date Of Birth:16/03/1997
    Age When Missing:12 years
    Current Age:14 years
    Missing Date:12/12/2009
    Missing Place:Karachi, Pakistan

  • Name:Moh. Salim Shaikh
    Date Of Birth:20/6/1998
    Age When Missing:12 years
    Current Age:13 years
    Missing Date:11/08/2010
    Missing Place:Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • Name:Moh. Shadab
    Date Of Birth:31/08/1996
    Age When Missing:15 years
    Current Age:15 years
    Missing Date:19/01/2011
    Missing Place:Kureshi Chawl, Mumbai.

  • Name:Yasin Mujahid Shaikh
    Date Of Birth:01/07/2005
    Age When Missing:6 years
    Current Age:6 years
    Missing Date:21-01-2011
    Missing Place:Mankhurd, Mumbai

  • Name:Sachin
    Date Of Birth:01/07/1997
    Age When Missing:14 years
    Current Age:14 years
    Missing Date:21/08/2011
    Missing Place: Faridabad, Haryana

  • Name:Shilpa Pal
    Date Of Birth:01/07/1991
    Age When Missing:10 years
    Current Age:19 years
    Missing Date:20/11/2001
    Missing Place:Naihati, West Bengal

  • Name:Ishlok
    Date Of Birth:08/06/1996
    Age When Missing:15 years
    Current Age:15 years
    Missing Date:17/08/2011
    Missing Place: Faridabad, Haryana


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