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It is a well known fact that all business establishments spend huge amounts of money on business promotions through various media, which are a permissible expenditure as per the Income Tax Act. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs mostly advertise in yellow pages & information directories to promote their services and products, which media has become primitive and obsolete with the emergence of Internet and with the world having become a global village. Thus most of the Businesses Entrepreneurs have their own websites. The Registration, Designing, Hosting, Parking, Monitoring, Positioning and Promotion of a website is a continuous, time consuming, highly technical and expensive task. We have come up with an innovative, powerful and fastest method of reaching this target clientele.


We have registered a few of the domain name listed below since the last many years.

We have registered and developed the websites by these names and have the absolute control and authority on these domain names, since the last many years. We have been promoting these web sites over the years with huge investments, time and efforts. These web sites are hosted with most of the frequently visited search engines.


Although we are giving an example of our home state Andhra Pradesh but this project viability / feasibility is applicable to all states and cities listed below:

  1. There are more than 10,000 detective agencies spread out and operating in the state of Andhra Pradesh and more than 20,000 entrepreneurs dealing in related products and services. Approximately 15,000 out of these 30,000 detective agencies & entrepreneurs dealing in related products, advertise in various yellow pages directories, published by Tata Infomedia ltd, Indiacom directories, JustDial.com, etc. GetIt yellow pages and many other large & smaller media in the form of only their names and address listed, a small advertisement, medium size ads and even one full page advertisements, costing a minimum of Rs.15,000/- p.a. To Rs.2,00,000/- p.a. in any one of the above media. There are at least 10,000 advertisements of the above in various search engine on the internet, which are as on date producing better results than the outdated hardcopy yellow pages and thus this project.
  2. Presuming that only

    (a) 50% of the above referred 10,000 Establishments, i.e., only 5,000 opt for advertising through our website, which, choose to go in for just the insertion of their names and addresses only.

    (b) 20% (of the 5,000) i.e. 1,000 prefer only a one webpage display of their Company and

    (c) Only 10% out of the above 1,000 i.e., only 100, want, on an average, 5 additional Webpages displayed (an average website has at least 10 pages) of their Company activities, in our websites.

  3. Thus the business viability speculated above is as follows:

    (a) As per (2) (a) above being only 5,000 for just a meager sum of Rs.400/- p.m. and Rs.4,000/- p.a., thus, this collection amounts to 5,000 x Rs.4,000/- = Rs. 2,00,00,000/- (Rupees Two Crore Only) per annum.

    (b) As per (2) (b) above being only 1,000 which will cost them only Rs.2,000/-pm or Rs.20,000/- p.a., thus, this collection amounts to 1,000 x Rs.20,000/- = Rs.2,00,00,000/- (Rupees Two Crore Only) per annum.

    (c) As per (2) (c) above being only 100 costing only, Rs.1,000/- p.m. and Rs.10,000/- p.a., thus, this collection amounts to 100 x 5 x Rs.10,000/- = Rs.50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakhs Only) per annum.

    Thus the above totals to

    • Rs.   2,00,00,000/- per annum
    • Rs.  2,00,00,000/- per annum
    • Rs.    50,00,000/- per annum

    Total Rs.  4,50,00,000/- per annum or Rs.  37,50,000/- per month

    Thus the monthly collection per month (Rounded off) = Rs.30,00,000/- per month
    Rupees Thirty Lakhs Only per month.


  5. The cost on running this business is by appointing two telemarketing executives, each on a salary of Rs.7,000/- p.m. and Rs.3,000/- p.m. towards telephone expenses, who can make at least 50 calls per day both put together will make 100 calls per day. Also two field marketing executives, each on a salary of Rs.7,000/- p.m. and Rs.3,000/- p.m. towards petrol and mobile phone expenses. The total expenditure on the staff being Rs.40,000/-, miscellaneous expenses being Rs.60,000/-, totaling to a monthly expenditure of Rs.1,00,000/-. Even if they contact, only 20 prospective clients each per day, they will meet at least 40 clients per day. Thus four of them put together will make 140 calls per day, which in 25 days will be 3,500 clients p.m. rounded off to 3,000 clients p.m. Presuming that they get only 20% success, they can convert at least 600 client say 500 clients per month. The 10,000 clients can hence be covered in 4 months time, and thus earning an amount as predicted in para 3 above. The monthly cost, therefore, is only Rs.1,00,000/- p.m.
  6. The cost on site registration, web designing, hosting, parking space, monitoring, positioning, promotion, administrative support, software development, upgradation etc., is approximately Rs.1,00,000/- p.m.
  7. The cost on advertising and promoting the site will be Rs.1,00,000/- p.m.
  8. Thus, the total expenditure of the business will not be more than (as elaborated in para 4, 5 & 6 above) is Rs.3,00,000/- p.m. Rounded off to Rs.5,00,000/- p.m.
  9. The monthly collection as per para 3 being Rs.30,00,000/- less expenses as per para 7 being Rs.5,00,000/-, Thus the net profit is amounting to Rs.25,00,000/- p.m.


The total net profit from this project, therefore, as elaborated in para 8 above, is Rs.25,00,000/- p.m. x 12 months = Rs.3,00,00,000/- p.a. Once again very, pessimistically considering that the profits predicted above are only half (approximately) as predicted, thus the projected profit will be approximately as under:-

In the 1st year the Net Income will be                    Rs.1,50,00,000/-
In the 2nd year the Net Income increasing to      Rs.1,75,00,000/-
In the 3rd year the Net Income Increasing to      Rs.2,00,00,000/-
In the 4th year the Net Income Increasing to      Rs.2,50,00,000/-
In the 5th year the Net Income Increasing to      Rs.3,00,00,000/-
In the 6th year the Net Income Increasing to      Rs.3,50,00,000/-


We are offering a business partnership on a very handsome share of 25%, of the above net profits (para 8) or 50% on collection (para 3) whereby all expenditures as elaborated in para 7 are to be borne by the business partner.

The business growth will be leaps and bounds or never take off, depending upon the business capabilities and hard work that can be put by the business partner as elaborated above.

As we are looking for a long term business relationship, a formal business contract will be executed to this effect and the business partner will be required to invest a one time, non-refundable amount of Rs.20,00,000/-.

Having projected in detail, the above business plan, we are looking for only one business partners in Andhra Pradesh and various other states, domain name of which are registered with us and elaborated under the city / state / country wise Detective Category.

  1. africadetectives.com
  2. ahmedabaddetectives.com
  3. andhradetectives.com
  4. apdetectives.com
  5. australiadetectives.com
  6. bangaloredetectives.com
  7. barodadetectives.com
  8. bengulurudetectives.com
  9. bihardetectives.com
  10. canadadetectives.com
  11. chandigarhdetectives.com
  12. chennaidetectives.com
  13. cochindetectives.com
  14. coimbatoredetectives.com
  15. cyberabaddetectives.com
  16. delhidetectives.com
  17. dhakadetectives.com
  18. dubaidetectives.com
  19. europedetectives.com
  20. goadetectives.com
  21. gujratdetectives.com
  22. gurgaondetectives.com
  23. haryanadetectives.com
  24. hyderabaddetectives.com
  25. indiadetectives.com
  26. japandetectives.com
  27. karnatakadetectives.com
  28. keraladetectives.com
  29. kolkatadetectives.com
  30. lucknowdetectives.com
  31. ludhianadetectives.com
  32. madrasdetectives.com
  33. maharashtradetectives.com
  34. malaysiadetectives.com
  35. mpdetectives.com
  36. mumbaidetectives.com
  37. nagpurdetectives.com
  38. newzealanddetectives.com
  39. orissadetectives.com
  40. pakistandetectives.com
  41. punedetectives.com
  42. punjabdetectives.com
  43. rajasthandetectives.com
  44. russiadetectives.com
  45. sadetectives.com
  46. scotlanddetectives.com
  47. singaporedetectives.com
  48. srilankadetectives.com
  49. tamilnadudetectives.com
  50. trivandrumdetectives.com
  51. uaedetectives.com
  52. unitedkingdomdetectives.com
  53. unitedstatesdetectives.com
  54. updetectives.com
  55. vadodaradetectives.com
  56. vizagdetectives.com

This offer is open on a first come first offered basis.

In case you have any further doubts / clarifications, you may contact the undersigned.

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