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Corporate & White Collar Crime

Corporate In-home Detectives

Corporate Theft & Espionage

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Criminal & Employment Checks

Criminal Defense & Investigations

Criminal Record Check

Damage Claims

Detection of Counterfeiting

Diversion of Sales and Purchases

Doubtful Conduct

Employment History Investigation

Establish Reasonable Suspicion

Executive Protection

Ex-Employees Activities

General Civil and Criminal Cases
Information Analysis

Insurance Claims & Investigation

Labor Unrest/Strike

Land/Business Ownership

Legal Assistance

Patents and Trademarks

Political Investigation

Preparing Cases for Trial

Recover Stolen Property


Special Cases

Specializing in Corporate Crimes

Surveillance (Video/Photo)

Surveillance and Inspections

Trademark Investigations

Unfair Competition

Verification of Claims

Verification for Credit Collection

Video Employees During Work

VIP Executive Protection

Work Duplicity


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